About this Site

This Website is used for publishing information about the Junior European Cup (JEC) 2009.

On behalf of:
     USV TU Dresden (http://www.tu-dresden.de/usv)
     Orienteering Section (http://tu-ol-dresden.de)

Technical contact:
     Andrej Olunczek
     Seidelbaststr. 4
     01259 Dresden

List of references and creators of graphics and photos:
     - JEC logos: Wieland Kundisch
     - Graphics on the Website: Felix Reimann
     - Photo in the headline: Tim Schröder
     - Photo "Dresden" under Venue: Christoph Münch / Press office Dresden
     - Photo "Saxon Switzerland" under Venue: Marco Barnebeck / PIXELIO
     - Photos "Accommodation (Kinder- und Jugenddorf ERNA)" under Pictures: Anne Koch
     - Photos "Terrain Panorama" under Pictures: Josef Neumann
     - Photos "Terrain Impressions 1" under Pictures: Eleonore Pohl
     - Photos "Terrain Impressions 2" under Pictures: Andreas Lückmann
     - Photos "World Cup Finals 2004" under Pictures: Konstanze Holfeld

Special thanks to:
     - Anne Koch for translation into english